From Theodor Herzl’s Diary. Entry June 16th 1895. “During these days I have been more than once afraid I was going mad. So wildly the streams of thought raced through my soul. A lifetime will not suffice to carry them out.

But I am leaving behind me a spiritual legacy. To whom? To all men. I believe I shall be named among the great benefactors of mankind.”

Same date: “The promsed land …  is here; within ourselves”

and after meeting Max Nordau, on July 6th: “Nordau and I agreed too, that only anti-semitism had made Jews of us”

Six months before the publication in February 1896 of ‘Der Judenstaat’ (The Jewish State). Reading his diary one does wonder at his mental state. Was it only himself and Nordau that he meant with that last clause or did he mean that all Jews were ‘made’ by antisemitism? That would certainly seem to be a reasonable conclusion from parts of ‘The Jewish State’. But, if that was the foundation for the state of Israel does it not imply that Israel can only survive as long as it is racially hated?  That doesn’t fit with Judaism’s supposed Torah destiny.