Well, the ‘things’ are mainly comments on the maps.  In this series of blog posts leading up to  the 2nd November, the centenary of Balfour’s letter I’m trying to provide, in a very general way, some kind of context to that event. Part of that ‘hinterland’ is understanding how things have changed, and maps may help us. The First maps in the series are of America in the early 1800’s, the 1810 map on the right shows the ‘settled territories’.

Now, what about Europe 100 years earlier:


Do we recognise the boundaries? Which countries are missing, and which have borders close to ones we recognise today?

Note too the extent to which the Ottoman Empire extended into Europe.


Speaking as a ‘Brit’, is our difficulty in understanding the true nature of nationalism something to do with the fact that we’re srrounded by sea? Our borders are defined and are not easily breached; unlike our continental cousins.