To which we, that is the government of Great Britain, sent the reply:

If that’s too difficult to read here’s a .pdf to download:  +balfour    also see page Hussein-McMahon negotiations.

If comment is necessary, it should be pointed out that Great Britain made a commitment in October 1915, two years before the Balfour Declaration, for an Arab state or confederation that excluded only The Trucial states on the southern and eastern seaboards of Arabia, Basra and Baghdad, where it had special military and economic interests, and the coastal area of north Lebanon and north-west Syria.

The promise made to Hussein incorporated what today we know as Iraq (with Basra and Baghdad conditonal), Syria (except the NE coast), Jordan, Lebanon (except the north), most of Saudi Arabia (of which more later) and Palestine. All he got was Jordan, (one of his sons was offered Iraq but the Iraqis didn’t want a Hashemite).