From June 1915. The last sentence is interesting!   ‘Palestine must be recognised as a country whose destiny must be the subject of special negotiations in which both the belligerents and neutrals are alike interested.’


Then there’s this from a ‘Note’ dated 6th February 1921

‘Free choice of the indigenous populations.‘ In quotes! The ‘British Government‘ had no ‘wish to impose upon (the people of Mesopotamia) alien institutions’.* So why impose direct rule until such time as the Zionist Jews were of sufficient number and power to assert themselves and take over that part of the region known as ‘Palestine’? What happened between 1915 and 1921?

   * Note: these documents are freely available in The National Archives.

There was, almost certainly, no single ‘British view on Palestine’. Rather there was a complex of views based on various perceptions; British Imperialism (the Empire), military, Judeophobic, Phil0-Judaic, Theological, historic. Over th coming days I hope to offer a little on all of these.