It is probably accurate to suggest that the true architect of the ‘Balfour Declaration’ of 2nd November 1917 was Chaim Weizmann.

At the beginning of his chapter ‘The Balfour Declaration’ (Trial and Error’, Hamish Hamilton, 1949. page 252) he is scathing about those Jews  who ‘struggled bitterly to deprive the vast majority..’.  This ‘small minority’ of ‘assimilationist upper-class British Jews’ were probably in a majority since most Jews had no idea of what was going on in the upper reaches of British diplomacy.

Where, for instance, German Jews were ‘giving their energy and brains to the Germans (they) were doing it in their capacity as Germans , and were enriching Germany, and not Jewry, which they were rapidly abandoning’. (p.196). If we think carefully about this we see that, from the opposite side of the fence, (as it were), Weizmann’s complaint is similar to those who suggest, reasonably, that ‘you cannot serve two masters’, namely Israel and e.g. USA, or UK. At some point you have to choose. Zionism has always been the enemy of assimilation; and yet.  Jews have been ‘assimilating’ for over 2000 years but still retain their own self-identity. It is Zionism that will destroy Jewry and Judaism, if it cannot itself be destoyed before it does.